Thursday, December 5, 2013

Math - 3D Shapes/Solids

We have begun to investigate 3D shapes/solids in our class. We began by introducing the solids and talking about their characteristics (e.g., how many sides, corners etc). We also discussed what real life objects looked like each solid. Ask you child if they know something that looks like a cube, a sphere or a cone etc.

Today we made predictions of the solids would roll, slide or roll and slide. See if your child can tell you which solids rolled, which ones slid and which ones did both!

After our large group discussion, students went to centres. Some students did a solids hunt, where they searched for solids within the classroom. We will later go out into the community and do a solids hunt. 

 Ms. Alannah also had her ipad in our classroom and she quickly did an activity with some students. She showed them a solid that was all rolled out (that's called a net) and the students had to discuss which solid it would be when they put the solid net together!

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