Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Indoor and Outdoor Learning

Today we had both exciting indoor and outdoor learning.

 A.I used a book to teach herself how to make a dog, using play dough. She explained the steps to a small group of how she created this dog!

 Some students were excited to see that the bean seed was growing, even though there was no soil in the cup. The identified the roots and the step. Many of the students were curious about why the outer shell of the bean was still in the cup.

            D.P. and D.R made tunnels in the sand for their cars to travel through.

These students were very proud of the seeds that they brought in, for us to plant.

This afternoon we went outside to observe our 3 classroom trees. Many of the students observed that the trees didn't have a lot of leaves yet. We asked the students why this might be. Q.G was quick to respond that it has been so cold out this year that perhaps the trees haven't been able to grow as many leaves as they usually do.

 Many students asked if they could take clipboards outside to record their observations! We were so proud of the initiative.

 L.M noticed that our third classroom tree had new grass at the bottom.

 The students were also excited to see the start of leaves on the third tree!!

We had an exciting day of learning. Make sure to ask your child about it!


  1. Looks like a day filled with loads of fun learning and, with fingers crossed, opportunities for many more to come!

  2. Yes, let's hope this great weather keeps, so we can continue on with more exploring outside! :)