Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wednesday March 5 - Thursday March 6

Sorry for the delay in updating! We hope you're all having a fantastic March Break! :)

In music class, we had a special visitor.  Elsa from Frozen came to class while Mrs. Donovan played the story and songs from the movie. The children had a wonderful time singing along and recognizing different instruments in the songs.

You can also see music class' February students of the month:

During a class discussion in math, a student said that 3 + 3 makes 6, and then another student raised their hand and said no, 2 + 4 =6. It turns out, they're both right! Then we wanted to discover how many ways we could make 6:

We used coloured stickers to find out how many different ways we could make 6.  Ask your child if they can think of some different ways! :)

The class did some more experimenting with their spinners as well.  Each child has a picture of them with their spinner and made some predictions about it:

Once again, we hope you're enjoying your March Break! We'll see you on Monday for St. Patrick's Day!

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