Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fish, Composting and Shaving Cream

We had a very exciting day today in our classroom!

Ms. Alannah brought an aquarium and some fish to our class. 
There are 6 baby fish inside and we’ll hopefully watch them grow and change colour over time. Baby fish love to hide so the students have been having fun spotting them. Kids were able to see the fish camouflage with their surroundings.

A. K told us that angler sharks change colour to match the ocean floor so predators can’t see them.

B. W was able to spot the baby fish hiding in a castle decoration and noted that they were “a different colour” than the fish sticking to the rock.

D.P thinks the fish stick to the rock because they “have sticky parts on them”. We’ll have to investigate when the fish stick to the glass and we can see them better.

The students took many observation notes about the fish. Some used drawings to record their observations and others used words.

G.F.'s drawing of what she observed. She even included the thermometer on the tank!
M.C.'s writing about what she saw, thought and wondered. 

 The class had many excellent suggestions for fish names. We made a graph and each student could vote for which name they liked most. 

M.C made predictions about which names would win by reading the graph and seeing how many votes each name had so far.

By looking at the graph together, we picked the names with the most votes. There was a tie for sixth place! G.D made the suggestion that “One name could be the first name and the other could be their last name”.

Our final choices were:

  • Ariel (The most popular name)
  • Camouflage
  • Groundhog (Our poem this week is about groundhog day. One of the students pointed out that the fish like to pop out of their hiding spot, like a groundhog!)
  • Nemo Twinkle
  • Daniel 
  • Sparkle

Today we also asked our students: "Where does our garbage go?" We quickly realized that if we don't reduce what we put into the garbage, there will be no place left in our community to put our garbage.
 We reviewed what items we should put in our recycling and garbage bins. Then we introduced some worms that were in a container of dirt and shredded paper. We discussed composting with our students, by explaining that we put food waster (which normally goes into the trash), into the container of worms and they will eat it! We quickly realized that the more food waste that we put into the compost bin, the less items we will have to put into the garbage bin.

Our worms in the dirt and shredded paper

Our bin that the students will put their food waste in

 Tune in for what comes next..........................

This afternoon, the students had the opportunity to explore the feel of shaving cream. The students loved it and we heard a few students came home smelling very good! :) You should smell our class! :)

 Here's a look at what else happened at our centres today:

Some students continued exploring objects that sink and float.

Some students made pictures at the light table.

 Q.G. and A.H. made a background for their dinosaurs! Very creative!!

 Some students continued exploring what different objects they could place at the ladibug.

S.M. helped C.B. at the computer
G.F. and A.J. made recipes and cooked food at the house centre

You can see we had a very good day today in our classroom!

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