Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Science Centre

        We showed the students some rocks and placed 2 in each cup. We showed the students a “liquid” and        asked the students what they thought it was.


              R.G. thought the liquid might be oil as it had bubbles when we shook it.


             Q.G. thought the liquid might be water as it was clear.


             D.P. thought it might be vinegar.

            We let the students smell the liquid and soon every agreed that it was vinegar from it’s smell.


           We poured the vinegar onto the rocks and asked to make
            predictions of what might happen.

            C.B. said “I think the rocks will turn into bone rocks”.

            J.S. thought the rocks might turn into a dragon egg.

            M.D. said ”I think the rocks will disappear”.

            Q.G. thought the rocks would turn into a liquid.

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