Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update about our Classroom Trees

The students were excited to observe the changes that occurred in our three classroom trees:

Tree One:



The students had to look closely at our classroom tree #1 to see any observations that occurred since last month. We could not really see any changes. M.D. said “The tree still hasn’t grown leaves”. G.D. said “The tree doesn’t have leaves like it did in the fall”.

Tree Two:



When the students observed our classroom tree # 2, the students noticed that some of the branches had broken off from the winter storm that we had.

Tree Three:

November                            December                       January

Our students observed very interesting observations when we went to see tree #3. R.T. noticed that there were red buds on the trees. G.D. noticed that some of the branches were also red. We had a discussion about why this was. If you are wondering why, come in and ask one of our kindergarten students.

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