Thursday, January 30, 2014

Groundhog Day Stories, Journals and a lot of Learning!

Today Mrs. David was away learning new exciting ways to teach math. We were very lucky to have Mr.Campbell back in the classroom with us for the day!

Mr.Campbell and the students wrote the sentence "In Winter I love to skate." on the board together. They worked as a team to sound out the letters.

After circle, students worked on their journals. There were some very detailed drawings and many students remembered to put a period at the end of their sentence!

More observation happened at the aquarium today. The students whisper around the baby fish so that they won't scare them away. 
 B.W wondered if the fish would hide in the grass. 
D.P thought the grass looked like coral reef and spotted 4 baby fish that are orange and gold.

At the house centre I.V and some other students prepared a feast!

M.C wrote a book at the art table and was excited to read it to the teachers.

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