Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This morning when we went to the library, Ms. Tirkos read a story to the class called "Swimmy" and spoke about teamwork and working together and about how our class is like a team.  Maybe your child can tell you how the fish in the story worked together?

Some of the girls worked together to make a "giant snake"

Some of them enjoyed "Harold and the Purple Crayon" together on BookFlix
There was a delivery today that left us with a big empty box. We thought "instead of throwing it away, why don't we build something?" We did a vote and the children decided they wanted to make it into a cave!

The children got busy making "creepy, crawly things" for inside the cave...

 Next, we needed to make the outside look more like a cave, so we mixed some grey paint and started to decorate:

We're going to work on finishing our cave tomorrow!

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