Monday, January 13, 2014

Scientist in the School!

A BIG thank you to all the parents who volunteered to come in for Scientist in the School. We couldn't do these things without you! :)

Scientist Susan started out with an overview of what a scientist does, and what sorts of things the class would be learning about:

There was a centre about animals that burrow underground that the children learned about and even got to experience:

Another centre was about animals that live in water. The children got to taste test salt water vs fresh water, and talk about whether there is more salt water or fresh water on Earth, as well as what animals live in the water, what animals live on land and which animals go in both!:

The next centre was animals that live in trees. The children got to see what its like for birds to try to pick things up with their beaks by using tongs to pick up bugs and to try to build a nest:

The last centre they got to go to was with Scientist Susan, who spoke about signs of animals being places (such as chewed up logs for beavers) as well as animal's tracks:

Hopefully your child learned all sorts of neat things about animals and their homes that they can share with you! :)


  1. What wonderful happy pictures. Love seeing my little guy ;) -Cheryl

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I think he certainly enjoyed being an ant :)