Friday, January 24, 2014

A Look into the Learning that Happened Thursday, January 23rd

Today students were reminded what learning should look like when they are involved in centres. We continue to have discussions around being accountable and how to demonstrate our learning. Take a peek at some of the things that were happening in our class:

I.V. and I.I. created a very detailed picture on the light table, using glass stones. Both students presented their creation to the class. They described how they used green stones for the grass, and flower stems, blue and clear stones for the clouds and sky and different colour stones for the flowers. The other students commented how they liked the boarder that I.V. and I.I used.

 C.B., D.P. and D. R. created a background for their cars to drive on. They build roads and also created a background of the sky for their plane.

 B.W. raced his cars across the floor and estimated and measured how far they went!

 G.F. took a meter stick and measured many people and items in the classroom. She excitedly told the class that L.M. was less than 100 cm but S.M. was more than 100 cm.

C.A. loves to draw and today drew a picture of the solar system. He clearly explained many details about the sun and the various planets.

 L.M. drew a picture today to take home to their parents!

A.H. and Q.G investigated how to balance different items on a toy boat that tips if it is not balanced equally!

 M.D. and M.D. built different structures in the sand.

Many of our students again have begun creating 3D art using recycled materials. If you have any extra tape, we'd happily accept it! THANKS!

A.K. looked at the rock experiment that we began this week. He filled in a "I See, I think, I wonder" sheet. He saw the rocks were turning the vinegar black, he thought that maybe the rocks would turn into eggs and he wondered how they would turn into eggs, if they did. Stay tuned to see what happens in this experiment!

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  1. Great pictures again!
    M.D. & M.D. !! Love it! My M.D. loves sand. Does he do anything else?!