Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lots of Learning Today

Today we received  a document camera in our class, called a Ladibug. This camera documents learning and also can project things in a bigger size. The students enjoyed exploring what items they could put under the Ladibug.

Some students enjoyed projecting a book onto the wall and reading it with a pointer, while other students enjoyed picking out words that they recognized in the text.
Next we placed one of our beetles under the Ladibug.

M.D. and M.A. enjoyed taking a much closer look at the beetle.
There was much excitement around the Ladibug today.

G.D. created a whole book about Valentine's on her own! She was very creative in the words and pictures that she recorded!
Students continued exploring things that float and sink.

J.S. recorded items that he discovered could sink or float

Some students made a village!
Their village expanded to cover the whole carpet!

C.A. enjoyed being taught how to add more details to his drawings by our co-op student.

Students discovered some interesting things at the Science Table.
Students discovered that the rocks turned into crystals!
G.F. and J.T. enjoyed looking at books about rocks and crystals.

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