Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A fun day of learning!

Today we read the story Fish is Fish over again and the students re-told the tale using puppets!
We put the puppets in our reading corner and during centre time A,J and M.A put on a show for the other students. They told the story we read and made up their own!
Spinners continue to be popular in the class and the Kindergarteners are experimenting with new designs.

This morning at the art table our ECE student gave the children foam letters so they could sound out different places in our community like school and the subway.

In our aquarium, M.C spent some time playing with the cash register.
 Students also worked together to build a large structure.

During math, students practiced using direction words to describe where they were placing shapes on their board. The students took turns leading the group and having them match their designs.
J.M and M.C took turns using the Geosafari camera this afternoon. Every child had a chance to test out the picture taking feature with a wonderful parent volunteer this morning. Students tried very hard to take pictures that weren't blurry.

M.C thought it was a good idea to take a video of the puppet show that other students performed.

This afternoon, the art table was full of creative sculptures as the children used clay, wooden dowels and other materials to make houses, creatures and structures.

This is our "Who is here today?" board. The students had no problem finding a picture of their own face and putting it in the squares on the board. We're hoping to use this as a visual attendance and to practice counting how many people are in our class (or are absent!).

G.F gave some leftover cucumber to the beetles today and they LOVED it! The beetles spent much of the afternoon crawling all over and eating the cucumber.
Mrs. David spent time with the students sorting pictures of toys into a Venn diagram. We wanted to see what toys the children classified as "girl toys" and "boy toys" or both.
When asked which side of the store they might go to, a side with a pink sign or a side with a blue sign, the students had some interesting answers.

I.A said "The pink one. Because I like pink, thats why I would want to go to that side"

M.C said " I would go to the blue side. I want to get a toy for my brother, he doesn't like the things on the pink side of the toy store. There isn't any pink on that side."
G.F added onto M.C's idea by saying "Just because there isn’t pink doesn't mean there aren't dolls there. I think there are girl toys on both sides. At the store mastermind, they have toys for both. "

Mrs. David read the book "A Fire Engine for Ruthie" and the students had interesting ideas about what boys and girls look like.

A student thought a child in the picture was a boy because they had short hair.  A.J pointed out that her "grandma has short hair and she's a girl". 

There will be a lot more learning about how everyone has different likes and dislikes regardless of their gender!

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