Monday, March 24, 2014

Imagine a Tree

Wednesday (March 26th) is Epilepsy Awareness day! Students are asked to wear purple to spread the word about epilepsy.

Happy Monday!

Today we read the story "Picture a Tree" by Barbara Reid. All of the images in the book are created using plasticine.  The students are working to create their own tree image!

Students started by making a sketch or a plan of what their tree might look like. The students decided whether the tree was a Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall tree.

Many students picked a favourite tree or a favourite season to illustrate.
 Once the plan was done, the Kindergarteners drew a background for their tree and started using plasticine to make their plan come to life!

Here R.T is using a toothpick to add details to her tree.

M.C chose to make a fall tree because that's when her birthday is and she likes the colours.

G.D added a bird to her tree and told us how it was her "tree friend at the cottage".
 The plans helped students remember the details they wanted to add to their trees (branches, leaves, holes). It was fun to see how all of our trees ended up looking a bit different from the original plan!
 A.H loved using the plasticine to create his tree and added yellow, red and green leaves.
Each tree is unique and reflects the students growing skills and preferences as artists!

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