Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Very Busy Day!

Today was very busy day of learning!

During centre time M.R saw the fish camouflaging and hiding inside the castle.

Many students continued our Eric Carle inspired paintings. They all have a favourite material that they like to use. Many enjoyed using the toothbrushes and mixing colours!

G.F and G.F used the Geosafari camera to document the learning going on in the classroom.

At the art table, one of our ECE students gave students materials so they could make their own underwater animal, complete with scales!
 Our investigation into what floats and what sinks continued today. We gathered student knowledge about what they know floats and sinks.

J.M told us that "on a vacation in Florida I kept trying to put a ball underwater but it kept popping back up".

D.R-B. said "when I wear my shark floaties in the water, I don't sink."

We noticed that many objects filled with air, don't sink. We wonder if boats have air in them to keep them from sinking. We'll keep building on our ideas as we conduct more experiments and read books!

 Look at this smiling face! Our ECE student brought in snorkels, flippers and goggles to our aquarium. The students really enjoyed dressing up and pretending to feed the shark.

A.H told us he was a scuba diver and that he was going swimming.

Here's a group shot of our scuba diving team!
At the reading corner there was a special puppet show put on by M.C and A.J. They told us a very funny version of "Fish is Fish"

M.R made a "letter train" at the writing table and spelled out his name!
 Here, one of our S.K students is helping our J.K student do some writing about our fish.

Outside, we took a look at our class trees. Some students noticed buds on the trees and said it was a sign that Spring is coming!

Other students saw that the tree was growing and had more red branches than last month.

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