Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A reminder that pizza orders are due tomorrow!

This morning, half the class went to the computer lab and the class continued to learn how to log in and out themselves!

They got to do an obstacle course in gym:

They got to cross the crooked bridge

Hop in some hula hoops

Do a crab walk

After gym, we continued our discussions about whether different items sink or float.  We tested some different materials, such as cork, foam, plastic, cardboard and paper.  We documented what we thought would happen and what did happen.  See if your child remembers what happened to the different materials!


  1. So grateful for this site!! It is amazing how much you all accomplish in a day! I ask the girls how school was and they usually reply fine or it was fun. I ask what they did and don't get much response. I love being able to see how they are spending their day. Thank you so much for all that you do!!

    Lisa (Shayla and Lia's mom)