Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Signs of Spring!

Today the students brainstormed what they see, smell, touch, hear and taste in Spring! There were a lot of great ideas and we could tell the students are excited for warmer weather.
We went outside for a community walk to see if we could find any signs of spring.

We were surprised when we saw it snowing!
"I'm listening for the birds."- Q.G
"I'm seeing a sign of spring! There are wood chips and before there was only snow and ice."- R.T
"The snowbanks are melting." - M.D

It's getting a bit warmer." -G.D At centres, J.M worked on building a boat. She wanted to use a popsicle stick to hold up the sail. 

At centres, J.M built a boat using paper, tape and a popsicle stick for the sail. She'll be able to test if it floats tomorrow!

Q.G and A.H used our pretend microphones to interview each other and the teachers.

One of our ECE students did some Yoga with the Kindergarteners. Some of the poses looked very relaxing!
At the writing table, students got to play underwater bingo. They had fun finding the matching animals on their pages.

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