Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Straws & Connectors, boat testing and so much more!

We hope all the moms had a fantastic Mother's Day and enjoyed your gifts! :) 

We have this container with no name on it in our class and none of the children know who it belongs to. If it belongs to your child, please let us know so we can send it home with them:

We had a visit from Ms. Alannah yesterday! It was great to see her :) She did some writing with the class to our penpals. Ask your child who our penpals are, the seniors should definitely know!

 There isn't much happening in our science centre with our seeds. The only plant that is growing is our bean plant that doesn't even have dirt! We did an experiment to see if plants needed soil to grow, our bean plant shows that they definitely do not!

C.B. saw the bean sprout and said "it sure got big over the weekend!"

We added a new building material to our building centre for the children to explore. Straws and connectors! They built all sorts of fantastic things and had fun creating them: 



They also built with their old favourites too:

 We have been building boats in our class after some of the children expressed interest in boats at the art centre. After all the hard working of planning and building, it was time to test them!

 We learned that boats made of styrofoam and foam float much better and much longer than boats made of paper or cardboard!

Now that the warm weather seems to FINALLY be here, we ask that you please have a water bottle at school that your child can bring outside with them. Thanks! 


  1. OMG. The container is Miles'. I forgot to label it!! Gah!!! -Cheryl