Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some Learning From This Week

The students have been having a great week. Take a look at some of the things that they have been doing over the past few days.

C.A. and Q.G. were very excited to see that some of our plants were growing. We discovered the importance of plants and sunlight, as many of our plants have not been growing. We placed a few of these plants into more direct sunlight and all of a sudden they started growing!

Some of the students requested special materials for the art table. They wrote a list when they requested these materials (ie. cotton balls, string).
 The students used these art materials to make cotton bears! How cute!!!

 J.M. showed various ways to add at the math centre. She was very creative in showing different ways to add 4 + 2.

 Students are continuing to make plans before building.  The are becoming more creative in their creations using the connects.

A.J. made a car! She was very creative as she built the car around herself

 M.D. made me some letter cookies! They were yummy!! But after 3 trays, I was a little full. :)


 Some students made words they knew (i.e. the, there, for, is etc) and their names at the writing centre. We left out cookie trays, lists of words and magnetic letters to see what they would do on their own without any direction.

 G.D and S.M used the light books that are located at the light table, to help give them new ideas when creating things.

 L.M, M.A. and G.D. created a light show at the overhead centre. They even set up chairs for their audience and C.B, C.A. and D.P. used blocks to play their guitars to go along with the song L.M, M.A. and G.D. sang! They were so excited about this show, they felt the centre set up for tomorrow.

 G.F. invited me to a picnic. When I arrived, she had sorted all the food for the picnic into the 4 food groups.

 M.D. made me some more cookies at the play dough table. He explained how he made the cookies and used a stamp to create the happy face in his cookie.

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