Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A reminder that tomorrow is International Day of Pink!

We had music this morning, some of our class got to play the instruments to "Aikendrum" and we came up with our own words to the song; see if your child can remember some of the yummy things we came up with.

We also sang a song about a man named Joe who works in a button factory. There's lots of fun actions to go along with this song:

After lunch, we did some graphing of our favourite ice cream flavours. We got all sorts of neat flavours from the class, mint chip, bubble gum, cotton candy, even Spiderman ice cream! We had so many neat kinds of ice cream that we had to come up with an "other" category! Of course, we also got some old favourites like chocolate and vanilla :)

 A.J. and C.B. were busy cooking in the house centre:

M.D. was busy balancing and measuring in the math centre:

 L.M. was making pictures on the light table:

There was also something exciting going on right outside our classroom! For International Day of Pink tomorrow, the GSA of Earl Beatty was busy putting up all the pictures our school has done for our "Wall of Pink".  We took some time to go out and look at all the different things our school stands up for or against.  They were also really excited to find their own pictures! :)

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