Thursday, April 24, 2014


This morning, a lot of the class decided they were going to have a picnic and started preparing the food for it:

 Some children continued to investigate the new materials at the Science Centre and light table, making all sorts of things there:

This afternoon, we read a story about Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt. In the story, Sam Johnson discovers he LOVES to sew and wants to join the Quilting Club, and the ladies in the quilting club won't let him because they think boys can't sew (much to the shock of the class, who know that boys and girls can do the same things!), so he starts his own sewing club with other men and both clubs work on quilts for the county fair. Something happens on the way to the fair, and everyone co-operates (this month's character trait!) and solves the problem.  See if your child can tell you how they worked together to solve the problem.

 After reading the story, we decided to make our own Co-operation Quilt! Everyone decorated a "patch" with whatever they wanted, and we put it all together and made our very own quilt:

Thursday folders were not sent home today because there was only one paper to go home about soccer :)

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