Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Busy day of discovery!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend :)

We have a scholastic book order with no name on it, if you ordered this book and have not received it yet, please let us know:

 Our class is busy making plans before building or making things. 

G.F. and M.D. both made plans and built interesting structures in the block centre

Q.G. got an idea from one of our books about dough sculptures:

Today was Secretary's Day, our class made cards for Ms. Bell and Ms. Fenn in our office :) 

A.H. enjoying the Ripley's book in the book centre

A.J. is looking in the recipe book for ideas of what to make in the home centre.

There are lots of new manipulatives at the light table and science centre, the class has found many ways to use them:

We also continued our Earth Day discussions, today we talked about different ways we can help the environment. Some of our suggestions were: planting trees and flowers, making sure we put garbage where it belongs, recycling paper, using compost, walking instead of driving and lots more!

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