Friday, February 28, 2014

Some Friday Learning

Today we are having a great day. Here is some of the learning that's been happening:

Ms. Alannah wrote the morning message today and highlighted some familiar sight words that the children in our class knows. What a great strategy as these words really stand out to the students when they look at the board. See if your child can read some of these words when you show them this photo.

The students continued to look at books and make plans before building at the block centre. 

Some students measured how long their structures were!

Some students made structures in the sand

Some students read with our ECE students who were with us this morning. 

Many of the students recorded their friends' learning with our new camera that is just for them to use. Ask them about it!

A few students continued working on making our class alphabet book.

We also worked on our journals today. 

G.F. wrote about himself!

M.D. wrote about a submarine.

M.A. wrote about the sea.

C.B wrote about a house for a mouse.

B.W drew a picture and wrote about a truck that carries houses!

The students are doing a great job hearing the sounds that are located within the words they are writing.

This week at the writing table the students found letters in a soup bowl - like alphabet soup! They were so successful at making words with these letters. Some of the students asked if we could continue this activity next week! 

M.A. made many words on sticky notes and posted them to our chart paper.

Ms. Alannah reviewed all the words that the students made. 

Ms. Alannah also read a story about the sea and ways that we can conserve water. Ask your child to tell you something they learning in the book. 

Our students also went to gym in the afternoon. We also sang some songs with many silly actions. We did not get outside today as it was extremely cold. 

Have a great weekend!!!


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