Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday's Learning

We had a fantastic day of learning on Friday!

We put out a new sensory activity at our sensory table. Some students spent the day investigating rice and how many cups fill a bigger container.

We did our February sheet to hang on our monthly writingwall.

Some students continued writing signs at the writing table for our aquarium, at the drama centre. The students have been responsible for designing our new drama centre. We feel this is important so that the students feel the classroom is theirs and also so that they take ownership of the materials in our classroom.

Some students have become interested in creating spinners, using cubes and testing out how well they spin. We've learned that the spinners work better on the tile than on the carpet and also that the spinners work better with can odd number of legs.

One student came and asked us to teach her how to make the number 2. We asked her where she could find "2"s in the classroom. She quickly and excitedly showed us some signs that continued "2"! Off she went to try and write a "2" properly and soon after, this student came to us and proudly showed us how she wrote some "2"s.

Ms. Alannah read a terrific book called "One" by: Kathryn Otoshi. This book is about how the colour red picks on the colour blue. All the other colours are nice to the colour blue but won't stand up to the colour red to stop picking on blue. This changes when the number one comes along and teaches all the other colours how to stand up to the colour red. See if your students can tell you what they learned from hearing this story. We had a great class discussion about the book!


The students enjoyed our new science centre. We placed some eggs at the centre. Each egg contains a mystery material inside. The students had to use their senses so that they could try and guess what is inside. 

We have been working hard on not just building at our building centre. We have spoken about how architects make a plan before they give their plans to engineers and construction workers so that they can build their structure.  Many students have been looking at books to help them plan.

One student drew a picture of a structure and then used his drawing to build his structure! He proudly shared this process with the class. What a great job!

As you can see there as a tremendous amount of learning happening in our class on Friday! We are so proud of our students!!

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  1. I just love seeing my little boy in his classroom! Thanks for the great pictures as always! -Cheryl