Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Learning!

 At centre time C.B and Q.G worked together to plan, draw and build a "tube". They got the idea from one of our structure books!

At the writing table, students are having fun with letters. They scoop out "alphabet soup" and rearrange the letters to make a word. Look at all the words students wrote down on sticky notes! They were able to make a lot of names and sight words.
Students at the art table cut out shapes. A group of students stapled their shapes together to make a giant Lunar New Year dragon. It took 4 students working together to build this creation.

In math we worked on our numbers. The students corrected Ms. Alannah when she mixed up the numbers and helped her get enough fish to feed the animals in our aquarium.

There was another large structure built this afternoon.

Students in the aquarium pretended to be scuba divers and sharks!
Some students worked with our co-op student on putting story cards in order.
The Smartboard was up and running this afternoon. Students are getting very good at working the Smartboard and using the markers to draw!

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