Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome back from the long weekend!

We hope everyone had an excellent long weekend and enjoyed their Family Day! We've had a great start to the school week with a lot of exciting activities taking place in the classroom today!

Our fish are growing and changing! There were many students writing and drawing our tank. 
A.J noticed and wrote that one fish has bigger eyes and the fish are camouflaging.
M.A thinks the black fish are getting bigger but the small ones are not growing.

At the Smartboard, students played a game where they could draw something on one side of the line of symmetry and their partner would try to copy it on the other side. There were some great underwater fish being drawn!

We're working to turn our dramatic centre into an aquarium. First step is adding the underwater creatures! Children made signs for the animals that they wanted to put in our "aquarium tanks".

 At the math centre, Q.G and J.M used the shapes to make underwater animals. They made fish, stingrays, sea pens and starfish! We noticed they were all very symmetrical animals.

After playing on the Smartboard, G.D and M.A recreated the game on the chalkboard. They took turns drawing underwater animals. A great solution when other students were using the Smartboard!

While half of the class was in computers, the other half did a math activity with Ms. Alannah. We are working on words like "above, below, near, far". We also helped students with "left" and "right". You might have noticed the L and R on their hands.

Ms. Alannah would put a shape on her board and describe where she was placing it. The students had to copy her and see if they came up with the same design.

To make it more challenging, the teacher hid their design so the students had to listen to the words to figure out where to put their shapes!

Here J.M is playing the role of teacher and describing where she's putting her shapes to the class. The class had to listen carefully and only got tricked by the diamond shapes!

We spent a little more time making symmetrical designs as well.
After lunch, our ECE students set up fun centre activities. The students are using plasticine, wooden dowels and various other materials to make sculptures and structures.
At the art table they drew fish and marine mammals which we'll be hanging above our drama centre aquarium!

Look at all the signs in our aquarium fish tank. The students have done an excellent job of hearing the sounds in tricky words like "octopus" and "electric eel".

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