Monday, February 10, 2014

A Monday Full of Learning!

Today half of the class went to the computer lab and the other half worked on symmetry! There were a lot of great designs made by the students.

B.W made a "school of fish" 
C.A made this symmetrical design

Some students wanted to continue their symmetry designs during centre time. G.F made a snowman using buttons for eyes.
Check out A.J's symmetry!

 At the writing table, students were hard at work making Valentine's cards for loved ones. They're excited for our Valentine's party on Friday!

Our water centre has changed again! Last week we tried to discover which container held the most water. An experiment today showed that the wide blue container had the most water in it. Now students are making a "water moving machine"!
It was great to see students working as a team to move water from one bin to another using various materials.

Our underwater inquiry continued today with students being asked what they would like to know about fish. Our baby fish are growing and M.D noticed that the "black one camouflages with the black rock". We tried to spot the camouflaging fish!

Students spent time writing about friendship this afternoon. Their writing is being put together into a friendship chain which will be on display outside of our classroom! 

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