Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Busy Day of Learning!

Today our class worked on  hearing the sound "sh". We looked at pictures of objects and tried to hear if it had the sound in it. Then we listened to hear if the sound was at the beginning or end of the word. Knowing how "sh" feels and looks will help us when we're writing! 

At centres G.D wrote what she sees, thinks and wonders about our fish
G.F and M.C worked together to make puppets
At music the Kindergarteners learned a lot about instruments! They're excited to see the symphony tomorrow. They listened to "Peter and the Wolf" and heard how different instruments can sound like people or animals.
The students listened to an instrument and drew the animal they saw in their head. Ask your student what animal they heard!

Mrs. David continued her discussion with the students about African Heritage Month. We asked the students what they wished or hoped for the world. She read a book about all the different shades people can be but how we are not defined by the colour of our skin.

Pushpa, one of our ECE students, brought a great book to read with the students that answers a lot of our questions about fish.

 M. D used watercolour to paint "an underwater machine that helps sick animals", possibly inspired by the show Octonauts!

G.F painted a minnow like the ones that she likes to catch with Grandma.

At the water table A.J and M.D hypothesized that the wide container would hold more water than the tall glass. They tested their hypothesis by pouring water from the full tall glass into the wide container. The container still had room for more water so "it must be bigger". Great work scientists!

 B.W brought in an underwater puzzle to share with the class. The students worked as a team to put the puzzle together.

I.V said we "should use the picture on the box to help us" because that's what she does at home.

They were able to find sharks, orcas, jellyfish and whales in the puzzle!

We reviewed our Venn diagram of fish and whales to help us decide which sea creatures are fish and which are mammals. Some animals we weren't sure about, especially those tricky animals that have the word "fish" in their names. We'll be exploring these animals further to find out if they really are fish.


  1. Miles is obsessed with the Octonauts. It's a fantastic show! Great pictures! Such love in the class .-Cheryl

    1. Thanks for the comments! :) We love the students and are happy they are enjoying the learning that is occuring in our classroom.