Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is a family?

This morning, we practiced our new poem of the week and had a discussion about what a family is.

Here are some of their answers:
M.C. -"People living in a house together."
G.F. - "It's a mom, dad, sister and brother."
G.F. - "Not all families have brothers and sisters."
J.S. - "There are some families that are big."
C.B. - "Mommy, daddy, sister, and a kid, and a grandpa and grandma"

In music, the class played a guessing game and listened to different instruments in the song to see if they knew which instrument it was:


See if your child can identify all the different instruments :)

One of our ECE students did a fish counting game with the class today:

We also worked on a sign for our aquarium:

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