Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Purposeful Play and a Busy Day!

 This morning the carpet was full of students making plans and building structures!
The Kindergarteners looked at pictures of buildings in our books and modelled their own structures after them. Here M.D is showing us the building he was recreating.

Structures could be found in the sand table as well where M. D and J.T were building using the wet sand.

B.W and Q.G spent time at the rice table experimenting with the measuring cups.

More learning and drawing by our fish tank!

Students played in our "aquarium" and stamped tickets with a hole punch. We've introduced a cash register so they can practice using money.

Mrs. David gave the students a "Geo Safari" videocamera and we're brainstorming what we want to videotape in our classroom. Students are excited to "tape their learning"!

While half of the class was in computers, the other half played a math game with Ms.Alannah. They were curious to know why students last week had an L and an R written on their hands! We practiced left, right, up, down, above and below. Here R.T is leading the class and the students are trying to copy her design by listening to her words.

We talked briefly about money and the different ways we can make $20 or $15. The students are getting very good at counting by 5s and 10s all the way to 100.We'll be watching to see how they use the money and cash register this week!

Our class was very lucky this afternoon and got to watch a play by Duffelbag Theatre! The students loved watching Shakespeare's Macbeth and one of our students was even picked from the audience to play a part in the production. 

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