Thursday, February 20, 2014

Friendships and Making Connections

Over the past few days we have been having some meaningful discussions about friendships and good ways to treat our friends. We first read the book " The Recess Queen" by Alexis O’Neill. We used this book as a way yo have a meaningful conversation about being bossy. In this book, a girl who is referred to as “Mean Jean”, bosses everyone around at recess until a new girl arrives at the school. Instead of the new girl being intimidated by Mean Jean, she asks her to play. The two girls become best friends and Mean Jean stops bossy everyone around. Today we read another book called "King of the Playground". In this book, a boy called Kevin is scared away from the playground by another boy named Sammy. Sammy tells Kevin that he can not play on the slide, swing or monkey bars as he is the King of the Playground. Kevin gets some strategies from his father and instead of treating Sammy meanly, he stands up to him and eventually asks Sammy to play with him. 
As we were reading "King of the Playground", students made many connections:

S.M. said that Sammy wouldn't let Kevin go down the slide just like Mean Jean wouldn't let the kids do anything first.

Q.G. said that it reminded him of how no one could do anything before Mean Jean did on the playground.

M.C. said it reminded her of when Mean Jean stopped being mean and started playing with the new girl, Katie Sue. 

D.P. made a text-to- self connection when he said that the book "King of the Playground" reminded him of when his dad build a fort with him.

M.D. made a connection to D.P's comment and said that the book reminded him of when his mom helped him make a snow fort last year. 

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