Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Reading Clip From Guided Reading

Today while we were doing some guided reading, I recorded one student reading. This student did a great job! When she came to the word "looking" she tried to solve the word by thinking of a word that would make sense. She said " Kitty is want" for "Kitty is looking". Although, this attempt doesn't sound right, she knew that Kitty was looking for a bird or wanting to eat a bird. This student's next step would be to take more visual information into account. For example, this student may put her finger under the word "looking" and try to find a smaller part she knows (i.e., Look or "ing"). The student may also look at the first letter of the word "looking" to get her mouth ready for the word. The student did an excellent job of monitoring her reading and quickly realized that she said "Kitty is looking for some" instead of "Kitty is looking for a". This student is also working on reading in 3 word phrases. Great job M.A.!

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