Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Colour Inquiry Has Begun

This morning we began our inquiry about colours by asking the students what they wondered about colours. Students asked us many questions including: How do you make colours? How do you make red? How are rainbows formed? Why are colours different?

Afterwards, we showed the students three glasses of water (one red, blue and yellow). We explained that all colours have at least one of these colours in them. We asked the classed what they thought might happen when we mixed these different coloured waters together. Then we let our students explore that question for themselves.

Students began making many discoveries as they combined the 3 glasses of water together. Some students not only discovered how to make orange, purple and green, but  they discovered how to make light purple and light green!

While students were making discoveries about colours at the art table, others were making similar discoveries at the light table and light projector.

Mrs. David, I made green by putting the blue over the yellow.

I made purple using red and blue.

Students also had fun painting using the 3 primary colours to see what other colours they could create.

 They made many interesting and exciting discoveries. Here's what a few of the students had to say about their discoveries:

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