Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Number Walk

Today we went on a number walk in our community. Students were very excited as they identified numbers all around them. Here are some of the places we found numbers:

G.F. was very excited to show everyone the number on her pants!

Students enjoyed seeing all the different exit numbers on each door of the school.

A.K. said "Wow, there are even numbers on trucks!"

Q.G. proudly read all the numbers on the sign

We discussed what the "55" meant on the sign. Ask your child and see if they can explain why there is a "55" on the sign

We saw numbers on street signs.

This was a tough sign for the students but we explained how numbers are used to show people times.

Ask your child about the numbers found on this sign. See if they can remember the importance of these numbers. How old is our school? We had many guesses from two years old to 10 million years old!!

We discussed how numbers are used for phone numbers.

We also discussed how numbers are used for addresses.

Show your child the above photos and see if they can explain to you about the numbers they discovered on their neighborhood. It is through opportunities like this, that students begin to provide more information about their day, instead of "I don't know" or "I can't remember what we did".


  1. Thanks for the comment, Mary. The students had a great time in their community, searching for and discovering different ways that numbers are used.