Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Students Reading

Students meet with Mrs. David regularly in reading groups. Each group is at a different reading level and are working at different reading strategies.

The first student is an early reader. She knows that print goes from left to right and can point to each word as she reads them. She has just begun to look at the first letter of words. Listen to the great job she did reading this morning!

The next student is working on fluency when she reads. She used a great strategy when she was trying to solve the word "panda".  She paused and thought about what would make sense, then she reread her sentence to keep her fluency. This student also tried to use the same strategy when trying to solve the word "fed".


  1. This is awesome! We are loving this site! We enjoy seeing what the girls are doing and learning each day!
    Thank you,
    George and Lisa

    1. You are most welcome! It is our pleasure to provide a little look into your your child/children's day in our classroom. Thanks for commenting!!! We appreciate it. :)