Friday, November 1, 2013


Reading is happening continuously in our classroom. Students read a book when they enter in the morning. Students participate in reading the morning message and weekly poem each day. We read with students in small groups throughout the weeks. We group the students together depending on what they are working on. Some students are working on pointing to each word as they read (this is called one-to-one matching). Other students are working on using various strategies to solve unknown words (thinking of what makes sense, using the picture, using the first letter of a word, looking for a known part of a word etc). Finally, another group of students in our room are working on reading with expression and fluency. The students are also enjoying their take home books. Many of the students come to us and want to show us how they are reading. Students have many opportunities to read throughout their day. Here are some photos taken today while the students were in the library:

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