Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Student Reading

Listen to the clip of a student reading. She did a great job! On the first two pages, she read in 3 word phrases. This is an important skill. When readers read fluently, they maintain comprehension more easily. On the third page the student said, "I see a big buil". The student began to say "building" instead of "bus". This is a good substituation as the student used meaning, visual information and structure. The student also used a great strategy to correct her error and sounded out the word. This student also corrected herself when she said "said" and then said "I said".  Finally, the student used visual information when she said "I come" for "I can" and then corrected herself. This student is using great reading strategies and is monitoring her reading very well. On the last page, the student continues to work on reading in 3 word phrases instead of word by word.

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